Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum Necklace

$ 84.99

Based upon the revolutionary theories of the great Enlightenment polyhistor, Copernicus, this personal calibration instrument, a gyroscopic armilla, responds to the gravitational forces and global tides that govern our corner of reality. The resultant calculations question our received scientific knowledge and contradict the various manifestations of Papal doctrine. An articulate, tri-tone pewter armillary pendant, consisting of a bronzed outer gear-ring, and within, one gilt and one pewter calibration ring all centred around a Swarovski, iridescent pearl ‘sun’ bead. All the rings independently spin upon their own axis, creating a functioning armillary-sphear. A small smoked topaz cabochon hi-lights the inner ring.//Suspended upon a 22’ (56cm) brass finished curb chain. Width 1.5" x Height 1.5" x Depth 0.28" Approx.


Handmade in England

Made by Alchemy